Last Night I Cried

I cried for a second, a minute, an hour,

I cried, until the salt of my tears turned sour.

I cried with the grief of a mourning mother,

I cried as though I’d lost, my soul to another.


So I vowed that from today, I’d cry no more,

I’ll wipe away the tears before they fall to the floor.

You see, I am as strong as a thousand men,

Because I know now, what I’d not known then.

I am brave and fierce, a pillar of strength,

So, with time, my heavy heart will mend.



The Games We Play

My heart is callous, it’s lost its beat.

My thoughts, lay a mess beneath my feet.

Yet still I await your soulful eyes,

It seems, they have mine hypnotized.


Without a thought I kiss your lips,

Your hands have fallen upon my hips.

My breath is caught inside my throat,

Though still you stay to watch me choke.


That’s how it goes, it doesn’t change,

Your love, is poison within my veins.

I give, you take, I give again,

And that is where our story ends.